• 27 Oct 2013
  • Chester County, PA 19375
15 miles. Depart G&R at 8:00 AM. or Ply. Mtg. at 8:15 (45 miles to trailhead.) Once part of King Ranch, and now divided into estates, the land of Buck and Doe Valley Farms still retains its undeveloped character, with hills, streams, woods and high grassy meadows. The hike follows the same route as the spring King Ranch trek and allows the hiker the opportunity to walk over these lovely green hills of the Brandywine Valley during a different season. This is a STRENUOUS hike with lots of ups and downs. Bring boots, lunch and water. Cost: $1.00 + $1.00 contribution for the Brandywine Conservancy. Leaders: Paul Piechoski, 215-844-6190; Abbie Wyser, 610-565-9618 or day of hike 610-742-5967.
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