BATONA Hiking Club

An important part of the Batona mission is to maintain trails we enjoy.  Our volunteer trail maintenance program focuses on specific segments of the Appalachian, Batona, and Horseshoe Trails. We maintain the Appalachian Trail in PA between Wind Gap (Route 33) and Fox Gap (Route 191), including a blue-blazed bypass trail. In addition to trail maintenance, we also perform boundary maintenance on the Appalachian Trail corridor.  We encourage you to join us in conserving these valuable outdoor resources.

Trail maintenance activities are normally included in our schedule, although non-scheduled trail maintenance does occur.  Our work is not restricted to Batona members and does not demand specal training or skills. For additional information on upcoming activities, or to assist with scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, contact one of the coordinators listed below:

Appalachian Trail: 
     Mike Hughes
     Susan Charkes

Batona Trail: 
     Milt Canaan 

Horseshoe Trail: 
     Mike Hughes 

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